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Final Graduate

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'Modern Romantics' is a 6 piece Fashion Knitwear Collection inspired by the era of Romanticism. Drawing inspiration from nature, natural forms, music, regal interiors and types of dress, the collection encompases soft yet powerful feminine beauty.

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Katie mixes both fine gauge knitted fabrics with heavier hand knits to bring interesting contrast within the collection. Using yarns such as silk, mohair and cashwool adds movement and softness to her fabrics with hints of lurex adding excitement and elements of luxury.

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Among her knitted fabrics, Katie loves to use her own paintings and drawings to translate into her designs. Inspired by the strong nature connections in the Romantic Era, and looking at Artists such as John Derian and William Blake, she began to paint swallows and florals. These paintings have been developed digitally allowing them to be knitted on Shima Seiki Machines. These patterns and motifts can be found on garments throughout the collection - both knitted and on printed fabrics. 

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