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Pre Collection

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'Opulence of Youth' is a 2-piece fashion and knitwear collection, that explores the concept of youth being brought up in a wealthy environment of luxury. Katie combines and contrasts elements of youthful clothing and modern fashion styles with the heritage of patterns and materials, drawing on the aristocratic roots of this wealthy society. Taking inspiration from opulent interiors, British country homes and woven textiles patterns, the collection showcases an experimental take on tradition.

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Inspired by patterns in upholstery fabrics and wallpapers in stately homes, as well as the colours and prints used by William Morris, Katie designed her own brocade pattern which she turned into a digital block repeat to be used within the collection. This design has been knitted on a Shima Seiki machine using mercerised cottons and lurex as well as being digitally printed onto velvets, adding to the luxurious feel of the collection.

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